The annual Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote was held this year on June 8 in San Francisco. Amongst many updates and novelties like the new Mac OS “El Capitan” or the new Apple Music streaming service, the company has introduced iOS9, the next version of its mobile operating system.

Although iOS9 doesn’t look drastically different from iOS8, some of its new features will most likely affect the way users behave within their device. This updated iOS will also bring new opportunities to app developers that will need to adapt their app marketing strategy accordingly.

iOS9 is already available for developers on beta while public beta will follow in July. It will then be rolled out to the general public this fall. Even iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will benefit from iOS9.

This year, Apple has focused on improving its devices’ intelligence and proactivity. A lot of improvements were therefore made to Siri, Search, Apple Pay, Maps, etc. The whole point is to get closer to the device’s user by learning about his habits and preferences in order to act accordingly.

Many new iOS9 features and improvements will have an impact on the way apps are searched, found and displayed. App developers will need to take these changes into their app marketing and App Store Optimization strategy. Especially when there are now more than 1.5 million of apps in the App Store.


#1 Siri, the “intelligent personal and proactive assistant”

Siri has been subject to a massive improvement. It is now getting smarter than before as it is now able to take context into account in order to make reminders and suggestions. Indeed, Siri will now be able to take time and place into consideration but also Calendar events or habits.Siri smart reminders in iOS9

For example, Siri can now suggest what music to play when going running, as soon as the user plugs the earphones to the device. Asking Siri things like “remind me of this when I get home” will now be part of our daily routine, as it will execute a plethora of basic and contextual tasks that will make our lives easier.

These improvements made to Siri come from the new “Proactive”, Apple’s predictive digital assistant app that will not only leverage Siri but also Contacts, Calendar, Passbook and third-party apps. Apple is clearly showing that it is ready to compete with Google Now.

Thanks to these new capabilities, Siri will suggest apps according to the context and will take intelligent initiative (eg: playing music). Siri will also be able to suggest apps or to use information directly from third-party apps to answer users requests.


#2 Search API and Deep Linking

SearchAlong with the idea of making iOS9 more intelligent, “Spotlight”, the Apple’s native Search app, has been entirely reviewed. Through this overhaul, the Search window will now display frequently used contacts and apps according to the time, to facilitate the user experience.

But that’s not it.

A new search API for iOS9 that is based on deep linking technology will be integrated in the Search feature. In other words, content from third-party apps will appear in the search results.

This is absolutely huge, and great news for app developers. Their content will now be discoverable via another place than the App Store. This will certainly help to increase app retention as well. New frameworks mean new opportunities which mean new strategies are required.

It will be essential for developers to adapt their App Store Optimization accordingly. Indeed, app content will now be displayed after typing App Store names or keywords. It is therefore more than ever time to focus on app’s discoverability. Many ASO tools like AppTweak can help here.


#3 Swift 2 goes Open Source

swift open source

Along with the arrival of these novelties will come Swift 2, the second iteration and major upgrade of Apple’s new programming language that will benefit both app developers and users.

Swift 2 will have a better performance, new refinements, faster compiler, huge debugging and a lot of new improvements. Click here if you want to learn more.

The biggest news for app developers is that Swift 2 will be open source in late 2015. This represents a great opportunity for app developers and shows Apple’s will to open-up a little more. App developers will now be able to add new capabilities to the language and can get their hands in the code freely.

These big changes will certainly reshape the way app developers and marketers work. If you’re willing to watch, or re-watch, the WWDC15 Keynote, just click here.

What are your thoughts on these new announcements?


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